Transparent Publishing, Transparent Pricing

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photo by Hackfish

This past May marked the anniversary of our launch.  We said congrats to one another and then continued working.  There’s little time for fanfare when we have much to work to do.  We are happy that we’ve helped hundreds of authors publish their work openly, but our job is far, far from done. An integral part of that is ensuring our sustainability in a way that is, like our publishing model, transparent.

Today, we introduce various pricing/membership options to ensure that we can remain sustainable and grow in the future.

In short, it will continue to be free to post on The Winnower, but it will cost money to "publish" with additional services like DOI, Altmetrics, and archiving.  We think our pricing structure is affordable for authors and we hope you do too.  But, like publications on The Winnower, we want to offer you the chance to review it. 


It is free to post, free to read, and free to review for all members. Standard members can “publish” (assign a DOI, get Altmetrics, and archive the work with CLOCKSS) for $25 USD per publication. Great for the occasional work!


As an advanced member you get the same benefits as a standard member, but you can publish for less money. Post and review as much as you want, and publish up to two times per month for $25/month ($12.50 per publication).  That’s half the price of a standard member!


As a super member you get all the above benefits, but now you can publish as much as you want in a year for $200 USD.  The best value for the regular contributor.

So, please let us know what you think, either in the comments, on Twitter, or with your wallets.