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The Winnower Joins Authorea

The scholarly publishing industry is making a mint at the expense of the world's leading research universities, researchers, and taxpayers. With misplaced incentives, old technology, and a backwards pricing structure, the incumbent publishers of today continue to make it difficult and expensive f... ... read more »


Essay Contest: How has social media enhanced your research?

Social media is generally discouraged in science today. A recent article, "I'm a serious academic, not a professional Instagrammer" castigated scholars with active online social lives. Most advisors won't ask you to "tweet out our paper" or "write a blog post about our findings" an... ... read more »


Contest Winners: How to improve reproducibility

“How would you improve reproducibility in science?” It’s not an easy question, but it’s important. The Laura and John Arnold foundation has been integral in trying to answer this by funding organizations like the Center of Open Science and others and we’re happy to have partnered with them ... ... read more »


CONTEST: How do we ensure that research is reproducible?

Being able to reproduce an experiment or a finding is one of the most important parts of advancing science. Arguably, it is a defining characteristic of science. We, as scientists, build upon each other’s work by sharing our findings through publications, conference talks and poste... ... read more »

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Coloring outside the lines

Scholars produce a tremendous amount of content on the Internet that betters society and the world at large. However, not all of this content is valued equally in terms of their career. In academia, outreach, defined here as scientists engaging with the public about their research... ... read more »

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The Winnerrers

We set out to collect inspiring, impactful stories of how open science and scholarship have driven personal and research success. Like contest author and librarian Brianna Marshall writes of her experience at OpenCon 2014, we think every smart, thoughtful, funny and moving story in thi... ... read more »