The Winnower is founded on the principle that all ideas should be openly discussed, debated, and archived.

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How it works

  • Submission

    Once you’re ready to publish your work with just a few simple clicks you can upload it to The Winnower website.  It will be automatically formatted and open to read and review immediately.

  • Review

    The paper can be reviewed by The Winnower community and authors are encouraged to gather reviews from their peers.

  • Revision

    Based upon reviews received, papers will have the option of being revised. Previous versions of the paper and comments will remain associated with the final publication.

  • Archival

    Once the final version is posted your paper will be assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) and reviews will remain open for the duration of the papers life.  Article-level metrics, including altmetrics and the reviews themselves will track the importance and accuracy of the paper.

  • Cost