The Winnower is founded on the principle that all ideas should be openly discussed, debated, and archived.

winnower, winnow /'wInoʊ/ - find or identify a valuable or useful part of something, surface the best of the best: amidst this welter of confusing signals, it's difficult to winnow out the truth.

How it works

Submit your work. Collect Reviews. Assign DOI & Archive.

  • Submission

    Publish your research, class essays, peer reviews, grants, letters, how-to articles, conference summaries, conference talks, blogs - whatever format you choose.

  • Review

    Invite researchers and colleagues to review your work using The Winnower. The review period can be as long or as short as you need it to be.

  • Revision

    Revise your work based on the reviews you receive. You can make as many or as little changes as necessary before archiving.

  • Archival

    Once you are satisfied with your paper you can assign a digital object identifier (DOI). Metrics including Altmetrics, views, and reviews, will track the impact of your work.

  • Cost

    It is free to post, read, and review for all members. See our membership options for archiving papers.

What Winnower Users Say

  • “The Winnower is paving the path to the future of science communication in the most radical, exciting way. Scientists can finally put a name and a story to the research they publish; this is the definition of "open and transparent."”

    - Vip Sitaraman, Undergrad ASU

  • “Scientific Publishing + Reddit = TheWinnower.com and Hopefully a More Open World of Science!!”

    - Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder of Reddit

  • “I have visited The Winnower web site and I very much like your idea of the new direction of scientific publications”

    - Joji Otaki, University of Ryukyus, Japan

  • “The Winnower is an excellent forum for sharing ideas and rapidly disseminating work that might not otherwise have a great forum. I think it's an excellent tool to engage a community with a very easy to use interface that generates great discussion between authors and reviewers. In total, it was the most supportive peer review process thus far, and allowed me to engage in great scholarly discussion with my reviewers in an open and transparent way.”

    - Teresa M Chan, MD, Assistant Professor McMaster University

  • “The Winnower is one of the first publications that rightfully recognizes the educational value of both transparent peer reviews and open access scientific material. It is a modern scientific publication in the truest sense of the word”

    - Tejas Desai, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine East Carolina University

  • “Publishing in The Winnower allows me to quickly publish traditional and non-traditional publications to reach audience rapidly and openly”

    - Gary McDowell, Postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University

  • “Re-imagine scientific publishing, unhindered by external pressures, with the sole focus to communicate science. Don't be surprised if you end up exactly at what The Winnower is doing.”

    - Daniël Lakens, Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

  • “The future of medical knowledge is open publication, open peer review, open access; knowledge from all and for all. The Winnower is a pioneer and the leader on this paradigm change.”

    - Daniel Cabrera, MD, Emergency Medicine physician and Clinical Educator Minnesota, USA

  • “I may be wrong but it feels like we will look back at the current period as a major change in the way we interact. It only took us two decades. Now, however, The Winnower is contributing disproportionately to our future. Thank you.”

    - Ben Inglis, PhD UC Berkeley

  • “The Winnower is an essential tool for open research. It has elevated open notebook science to unprecedented levels. The Winnower is a game changer in academic publication.”

    - Anthony Salvagno, Director of Education, #SciFund Challenge

  • “Although I did not ever think I would aspire to have my work highlighted in a section referred to as "The Chaff", I find the idea of your new journal interesting and likely informative for the scientific community”

    - Doug Graham, Associate Professor University of Colorado

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