/r/Science is NOT doing April Fool's Jokes, instead the moderation team will be answering your questions, Ask Us Anything!


Just like last year, 2016 and 2015, we are not doing any April Fool's day jokes, nor are we allowing them. Please do not submit anything like that.

We are taking this opportunity to have a discussion with the community. What are we doing right or wrong? How could we make /r/science better? Ask us anything.

Further, if you've completed a degree, consider getting flair in r/science through our Science Verified User Program

/r/science has a a system of verifying accounts for commenting, enabling trained scientists, doctors and engineers to make credible comments in /r/science . The intent of this program is to enable the general public to distinguish between an educated opinion and a random comment without a background related to the topic.

What flair is available?

All of the standard science disciplines would be represented, matching those in the sidebar. However, to better inform the public, the level of education is displayed in the flair too. For example, a Professor of Biology is tagged as such (Professor | Biology), while a graduate student of biology is tagged as "Grad Student | Biology." Nurses would be tagged differently than doctors, etc...

We give flair for engineering, social sciences, natural sciences and even, on occasion, music. It's your flair, if you finished a degree in something and you can offer some proof, we'll consider it.

The general format is:

Level of education | Field | Speciality or Subfield (optional)

When applying for a flair, please inform us on what you want it to say.

How does one obtain flair?

First, have a college degree or higher.

Next, send an email with your information to redditscienceflair@gmail.com with information that establishes your claim, this can be a photo of your diploma or course registration, a business card, a verifiable email address, or some other identification.

Please include the following information:


Flair text: Degree level | Degree area | Speciality

Flair class:

for example:

Username: nate Flair text: PhD | Chemistry | Synthetic Organic Flair Class: chemistry

Due to limitations of time (mods are volunteers) it may take a few days for you flair to be assigned, (we're working on it!)

This email address is restricted access, and only mods which actively assign user flair may log in. All information will be kept in confidence and not released to the public under any circumstances. Your email will then be deleted after verification, leaving no record. For added security, you may submit an imgur link and then delete it after verification.

Remember, that within the proof, you must tie your account name to the information in the picture.

What is expected of a verified account?

We expect a higher level of conduct than a non-verified account, if another user makes inappropriate comments they should report them to the mods who will take appropriate action.

Thanks for making /r/science a better place!

Is there any specialty missing on the mod team that you are actively looking for? Like a phd in interstellar travel with a minor in alien languages?


I think we have pretty much everything covered.

What textbooks/texts do you recommend for anything science related? I would deeply appreciate your expert recommendations. Don’t worry about technicalities.


I really love Principles and Applications of Organotransition Metal Chemistry, also known as "Collman and Hegedus"

How do you get perfect skin?


Some have tried skinning children, but that's not really socially acceptable.

Sun screen from an early age is important, you can't really get skin quality back once it's lost, but you start with damned near perfect skin. Just look at baby skin, soft and smooth; everything you might want.

how are you?


I'm at my in-laws house, so I've been better. The heat was set at 55 F last night and my mother in law doesn't know what a real blanket is. I woke up shivering at 4 am this morning.

Could you guys make me a premium scientist? I don't want to do all the hard work.


Follow Neil Degrasse Tyson's example then. (I know, shots fired!)

Where do babies come from...


My wife was told by her mother that they come out of mom’s belly button. Baby boomers...

Does this subreddit really need so many moderators?


Yes, the system we use depends on it.

Additional Assets


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