ACS AMA: Hi Reddit! I am Hans Plugge, a Senior Toxicologist with 3E Company, a regulatory sciences company in their Bethesda, MD office. You can ask me anything about regulatory toxicology, the science behind most environmental and occupational exposure scenarios.



My dad has his PHD in Toxicology from Johns Hopkins.

He works on the environmental side of things. Growing up I was always hearing about his work, which eventually lead me to my job as a HazMat technician.

Do you feel that the average worker has a good understanding of the risk they might face in there workplace? I tend to notice I have coworkers who either completely go overboard on PPE, not understanding when the risks are properly contained, or are a little to lax in there usage for my taste.

With your research have you ever been placed in a situation where you felt at risk to any toxins or chemicals?

Do you have a morbid favorite toxin?


PPE training is always the weak spot -- people are mostly not enthusiastic about "having" to wear stuff. Generally demonstrations of how well the equipment works and proper fitting of the right equipment helps some, but it is a struggle for IH personnel. -- HP

Hey there, I was just wondering how one gets into the field of Toxicology? What got you interested, and what's your favorite part of the job?


I got trained as a chemist - and after one masters degree wanted to apply this knowledge to something more practical than chemistry so I went for toxicology (funny: I still use my chemistry background every day). There is a wide variety of toxicology from forensic to very detailed molecular biology types of approaches. If you do commercial regulatory toxicology there is a wide variety of things that come your way which make the day less boring. -- HP

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