AMA Announcement: Wednesday 2/22 12PM EST - David Chalmers (NYU & ANU) on philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of technology and metaphilosophy


As previously announced, /r/philosophy is hosting an AMA series this Spring semester which will host AMAs by a number of world class academic philosophers working in a variety of different areas of contemporary philosophy. Check out our series announcement post to see blurbs for all the AMAs lined up this semester. You can also check out last semester's series announcement post to see all the AMAs from Fall 2016.

So far this semester we've had AMAs by Amie L. Thomasson on metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of art, available here, Samantha Brennan on normative and feminist ethics, available here, Chris W. Surprenant on moral/political philosophy, available here and S. Matthew Liao on ethics, bioethics and neuroethics, available here.

We continue our Spring 2017 Series this upcoming Wednesday with an AMA by David Chalmers (NYU). Hear it from him:

David Chalmers

I'm a philosopher at New York University and the Australian National University. I'm interested in consciousness: e.g. the hard problem (see also this TED talk), the science of consciousness, zombies, and panpsychism. Lately I've been thinking a lot about the philosophy of technology: e.g. the extended mind (another TED talk), the singularity, and especially the universe as a simulation and virtual reality. I have a sideline in metaphilosophy: e.g. philosophical progress, verbal disputes, and philosophers' beliefs. I help run PhilPapers and other online resources. Here's my website (it was cutting edge in 1995; new version coming soon).

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Professor Chalmers will join us Wednesday for a live Q&A on 2/22 at 12PM EST. Please feel free to post questions for him here. He will look at this thread before he starts and begin with some questions from here while the initial questions in the new thread come in.

Please join me in welcoming Professor Chalmers to our community!

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