Formatting Guidelines

Latex submission instructions

  1. Download The Winnower Latex Template

    Click To Download (Last updated: 2/24/2014)
  2. CLS and Document Type

    Please use the winnower.cls (included in our template download, above) when test compiling your latex locally. Remember to set your document type to "winnower".

  3. Bibliography

    For your bibliography, please use the abbrvnat bibliography style.


    Citations MUST include DOI reference links when available.

    An example bibliography included in our template download as a reference.

  4. Supported Packages

    Due to our automated conversion process, we can only support a limited selection of packages, listed below:

    a4, a4wide, aasms, aaspp, aastex, acronym, ae, afterpage, alltt, amsbsy, amscd, amsfonts, amsmath, amsopn, amsppt, amsrefs, amssymb, amstex, amstext, amsthm, amsxtra, array, avant, babel, bbm, bbold, beton, bm, bookman, booktabs, calc, cancel, caption, ccfonts, chancery, charter, cite, citesort, cmbright, color, colortbl, comment, concmath, courier, cropmark, dcolumn, doublespace, dsfont, elsart, emulateapj, enumerate, epigraph, epsf, epsfig, epstopdf, eucal, eufrak, euler, eulervm, eurosym, euscript, exscale, fixltx2e, fleqn, float, floatfig, floatflt, fontenc, fontspec, footmisc, fourier, framed, fullpage, geometry, german, graphics, graphicx, helvet, here, hhline, html, hyperref, hyperxmp, ifpdf, ifvtex, ifxetex, indentfirst, inputenc, iopams, keyval, latexml, latexsym, listings, longtable, lscape, luximono, lxRDFa, makeidx, mathpazo, mathpple, mathptm, mathptmx, mathrsfs, multicol, multido, multirow, natbib, newcent, ngerman, nicefrac, ntheorem, numprint, palatino, paralist, pdflscape, pgf, pifont, placeins, preview, psfig, pspicture, pst-grad, pst-node, pstricks, pxfonts, revsymb, revtex, revtex4, rsfs, scalefnt, setspace, subfigure, supertabular, tabularx, textcomp, texvc, theorem, tikz, times, tocbibind, txfonts, ulem, units, upgreek, upref, url, utopia, verbatim, wrapfig, xcolor, xspace, xunicode, yfonts

  5. Required Files

    When uploading your file to be processed, be sure to include the following:

    1. .tex file(s) containing your manuscript
    2. .bib file if using an external bibliography file
    3. all images in pdf or png format, with a 300dpi minimum resolution

    All custom or additional packages uploaded with your file will NOT be processed, so please use only the approved packages listed above.

Microsoft Word submission instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before uploading, all .doc (or .docx) files should be converted to .htm format. No other file formats are accepted for Word documents. See below for more details.

Make sure to use the Winnower Word Template when writing up your manuscript. In particular, these steps must be followed for proper presentation on The Winnower:

  1. Download The Winnower Word Template

    Click To Download (Last updated: 2/24/2014)
  2. Abstract

    Abstract must be wrapped in [abstract][\abstract] tags.

    [abstract] Abstract text goes here [\abstract]
  3. Manuscript

    The main body of the manuscript (abstract through appendices) must be wrapped in [manuscript][\manuscript] tags.

    [manuscript] Main body text goes here [\manuscript]
  4. Section Headings

    Section headings and subsection headings should defined using the styles "Heading 2" and "Heading 3" respectively.

  5. Figure Captions

    Figure captions should be included using the "Insert Caption" context menu that can be accessed by right clicking on embedded images. Position should be set to "Below selected item".

  6. Tables

    Tables should be inserted using the Word table generator. Table titles should should be included using the "Insert Caption" context menu that can be accessed by right clicking on table. Position should be set to "Above selected item".

  7. Equations

    Equations should be included using the built in equation editor or as inserted images without a caption.

  8. Bibliography

    We have used the built-in bibliography manager for Word in the template. We also accept Endnote and other plugins formats for the bibliography, with the understanding that it will result in different levels of functionality in the website (hyperlinking between citations and bibliography, etc).

    We recommend citations be formatted using Chicago style (those using Endnote should select "Chicago 16th B") and include the DOI of the paper being cited.

    For example: Author. "Title1." Journal, 2014: 100-120, doi:10.1186/1479-5868-10-79.
  9. Important Note

    The Winnower only imports content between the [abstract] tags and [manuscript] tags, respectively. Make sure all images, tables, appendices etc are within one of those tags.
  10. Exporting as HTML

    Do NOT upload a .docx or .doc file.

    When exporting to upload to The Winnower, select "Save as Web Page" from the File menu. Select the "Save only display information in HTML" (on PC save as "Web Page, filtered"). Then click on "Web Options...", go to the "Encoding" tab, and choose "Unicode (UTF-8)", then click OK.

    Saving your paper in this way will result in a .htm file (or, in some cases, a .html file). In addition, all images from your doc file will be converted to separate image files. These must be uploaded along with your .htm file to ensure proper presentation.